1) What is Coupa?

Coupa is an industry leading, cloud-based procurement tool for procure to pay solutions used by organisations globally. The tool will help Cleanaway to connect with our suppliers for ordering and invoicing, creating a more efficient and effective way of working.


2) What is the Coupa Supplier Network (CSN)?

The Coupa Supplier Network is a global, cloud-based procurement network that allows you to receive orders and submit invoices to Cleanaway from one central account.


3) Will we need additional software to work within the CSN?

No additional software is required. The CSN is a cloud-based technology so you will only need access to the internet and an email account.


4) Are my contractual terms and conditions the same?

In most circumstances we do not anticipate that contractual terms and conditions will change. However, where a change is required, the Procurement Team will be in touch.


5) What happens if I do not join the CSN?

While we realise that every supplier is different, we strongly recommend that you use this completely free-of-charge tool to submit your invoices electronically. Invoices received through email or mail are at risk of delayed payment. The registration process for the CSN is a simple process which is free to all suppliers.


6) What training is provided for the CSN?

You can find extensive training materials on the to the Coupa support website or by accessing the online help page after registering.


7) How much does it cost to join and use the CSN?

Registration on and use of the CSN is free


8) How do I register on the CSN?

To register as Cleanaway Supplier, please completed the form located here.


9) How long does the CSN registration process take?

The registration process takes minutes. Use the link received in the invitation email to access the CSN.


10) Will I need to re-register on the CSN if I supply more than one organisation?

No, you do not need to create separate CSN accounts for each customer.


11) How do I receive Purchase Orders?

You will receive your Cleanaway Purchase Orders (PO) by email.  This will enable you to check all the POs you have received from Cleanaway through your CSN account.


12) How do I add/give access rights to one of my employees?

Help guides will be available on the CSN


13) What happens if I forget my login?

Forgotten passwords can be retrieved via the forgotten password link on the CSN portal at the Login stage.