Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide



You will find the Coupa Supplier Network very easy to use. This guide will help you to create a catalog, view POs and create Invoices.



To activate your account:

You should have received an email invitation to join the Coupa Supplier Network. This invitation steps out what you need to do next, if you haven’t received an invitation, you can also register directly on https://supplier.coupahost.com


Note: If you have forgotten your username or password, click on the link at the bottom of the Sign In screen


Edit Your Company Info

Once you are logged into the Cleanaway e-procurement system, the first thing you should do is complete your Public Profile.

1. Select the Company Info tab and

2. Click Edit.

3. Ensure all mandatory fields are filled in then click Save.

Your public profile is visible to ALL Organisations who use Coupa as their e-procuremnt system, not just Cleanaway.


Add users

You can add users to access your supplier account and perform all tasks:

1.Under Company Info, select User Accounts.

2. Then click on Invite an Employee

3. Enter the employee’s email address in the text box provided and click on Send Invitation. They will receive an email with instructions to activate their account.

4. You can restrict access to specific organisations who use Coupa by checking/unchecking the box under the customer name in the user table.

5. You can delete a user by clicking on the Delete icon under the Actions column

When enabled, a user can access all POs and create Invoices


Configure Customers

Settings for PO delivery Options and Punchout are maintained here.

Punchout catalogues are your supplier catalogues (hosted on your website) that are ‘punched out’ and visible directly on the Cleanaway e-procurement system.

1.Click on the Cleanaway tab

2. Edit the information under the Profile section. You can select to compare with another profile to easily copy information across.


Set PO Delivery Preference

1.Under the Cleanaway tab, select PO Delivery.

2. Enter your Email or cXML configuration details. You will still be able to view POs on the CSN.


Configure Punchout Site

1.Under the Cleanaway tab, select Punchout.

2. Enter the Cleanaway Punchout configuration details. It will be effective immediately.


View Orders

Regardless of the PO delivery preference set, you will have access to view your POs from Cleanaway at any time.

1.Select the Cleanaway tab, then click on Purchase Orders.

2. Click on the PO number to view the PO details.

3. To acknowledge a PO, tick the Acknowledged check box

4. You can print the PO by clicking on Print View.


Create Invoice

Cleanaway are encouraging all our suppliers to submit paperless invoices, you can create Invoices directly from POs:

1.From the Purchase Order screen, identify the PO that you want to flip into an Invoice.

2. Click on Create Invoice under the Actions column.

3. Enter the Invoice number in the Invoice number field. This is a mandatory field. You can edit the date, add a copy of your invoice as an attachment, add comments and also edit quantities, shipping, handling and tax fields.

4. Click on Calculate to update the total.

5. Click on Submit.

You can check the status of the invoice under Status once you have submitted it. Invoices are processed automatically and if they meet the criteria set by Cleanaway, they will be approved immediately.


Manage Catalogs

In order for Cleanaway to buy products or services from you, you need to have an agreed Catalogue in place.

1.Create Catalogue: Click on the Cleanaway tab and select Catalogues.

2. Click on Create. You can set start and expiry dates.

3. Submit Catalogue: When you have included all the items required click on Submit to buyer. This automatically sends a notification to the Cleanaway buyer to review the catalogue and approve. You can view the status in real time in the Catalogues view.

Once the catalogue is approved, your products and services are immediately available to Cleanaway’s employees.



Creating Invoices

Even if you generate invoices through your own system invoices will be processed faster if you submit them via the CSN or via cXML and provide your own invoice as an attachment.

At Cleanaway inbound invoices are processed automatically and those that meet the approval criteria are approved for payment immediately.