In the Community

The work we do touches every aspect of life in Australia. Whether it’s helping big industry achieve greater sustainability, ensuring hospitals have excellent waste management services across the board, or making sure your bin night goes smoothly every week, we have the opportunity to make a difference 24 hours a day.


But that’s the job we do for the community. What we do in the community is another matter entirely. And for us, it’s just as important as our day job.


We play an active leadership role in educating and supporting the communities in which we operate, and continually give back through investment and sponsorship of local community groups and events.


We promote important initiatives such as recycling within the community and run both school-based and business-based education programs.


Our team of Cleanaway educators develop award-winning, specialist programs in conjunction with our municipal clients.


Cleanaway’s municipal education team engage and educate thousands of children and students each year through our nationally distributed education programs.


Organisations can increase resource recovery; minimise waste; reduce contamination levels in recycling and organics bins; reduce waste going to landfill and improve recycling participation, through our simple-to-use strategies.


To complement our comprehensive schools program, we also run an intensive community education workshop program that enables adult community members to learn about their waste services.


Cleanaway has a long, strong and proud history of community involvement in a broader sense and we will continue to play an active role in encouraging individuals and businesses to recover, recycle and reuse in our quest to help make a sustainable future possible.