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What is Bin Trim?


Bin Trim is a New South Wales (NSW) government initiative that helps businesses reduce their general waste by recycling more. It is part of the NSW Environment Protection Authority’s Waste Less, Recycle More program.


The program offers participants two free waste assessments. These assessments will create a picture of what customers are throwing in their general waste and how to increase diversion rates.


Why should Cleanaway customers participate?


Your general waste bin is charged by weight so the heavier it is, the more expensive it is. By diverting heavy, wet material like food scraps to an organic service, and common recyclables like glass and cardboard, you can save a huge amount on your general waste bill.


Up to 70% of the items in the general waste bin can be recycled or reused instead of being sent to landfill. Businesses have reported increased savings by employing new waste management technologies, source-sorting waste materials into common streams, and by reviewing current collection systems with their waste management provider.


Who is eligible?


  • Small to medium-sized businesses in New South Wales only (up to 400 full time employees per site)
  • Existing Cleanaway customers only
  • Not public listed or government owned
  • Businesses with a general waste service
  • Businesses with a commingled bin but have the potential to divert organics, cardboard or other waste streams from general waste


How does a Bin Trim work?


  1. Initial waste assessment
    Your Cleanaway Bin Trim assessor will perform a visual assessment of your internal and external bins to ensure you have the right waste and recycling services.
  2. Action plan
    A report will be created with the data collected during the initial waste assessment. This report will contain an overview of the waste generated onsite and recommendations to implement a positive change in your waste management.
  3. Implementation
    You can then choose the actions you wish to implement (which can be one or all suggested actions). The Cleanaway Bin Trim assessor will provide full support to your business to implement the desired actions, which may include purchasing and applying for a rebate for any recycling equipment acquired during this stage.
  4. Second assessment
    Once the implementation process is complete, our Cleanaway assessors will return to conduct a second assessment. A second report will be provided so that businesses can track and measure achievements.

Meet the Cleanaway Bin Trim team


Cleanaway has engaged over 2,400 businesses since Bin Trim began. We have helped our customers divert over 12,300 tonnes of waste in just two rounds of the program.

Theresa Troup

The “Bin Trim Veteran” – Theresa Troup
Theresa has been involved with the Bin Trim program since it began, successfully managing both round 1 and 2 for Cleanaway.


Mikaela Orme


The “Project Lead” – Mikaela Orme
Mikaela has been involved in the development and delivery of a wide range of waste education programs for Cleanaway’s commercial customers across Australia. She is currently the acting Cleanaway Project Lead for round 3 of the Bin Trim program.


Rebecca Evered


The “Sustainability Expert” – Rebecca Evered
Rebecca is Cleanaway’s Centre for Sustainability Manager, overseeing a multidisciplinary team assisting customers to achieve their resource recovery and sustainability goals. The team runs a large number of projects including the coordination and implementation of new and ongoing education programs, visual and volumetric auditing and community behaviour change.


Eddie Santos


The “Man on the ground” – Eddie Santos
Eddie is new to the Bin Trim program, but he has many years of experience in waste auditing and helping businesses to improve their recycling efforts and increase their landfill diversion rates.


Case studies

These businesses trimmed their bin and discovered new opportunities for their general waste:


Pallet Collars
During the Bin Trim exercise, we identified an opportunity to divert Pallet Collar’s sawdust and woodchip waste from landfill. We helped Pallet Collars apply for a rebate to turn their waste into wooden briquettes. These briquettes were then sold as combustibles, creating a new revenue stream. Pallet Collars is now recovering up to 90% of their wood waste and receiving up to 3 tonnes weekly from a neighbouring sawmill, recovering up to 180 tonnes of wood waste annually.


Corrimal RSL
At the first Bin Trim assessment, we discovered that Corrimal RSL was already recycling 60% of their waste, with the potential to divert an additional 28% from landfill. Subsequently, we worked with Corrimal to prepare and educate their staff on the new organics service. Additional signage and bin stickers supplemented with education sessions were provided. When Corrimal RSL’s bin was assessed for the second time, they were recycling 80% of their waste, an increase of 20% from their last assessment.


Learn how businesses can reduce food waste, one waste audit at a time as we follow Cleanaway’s Sustainability Solutions Specialist, Manny Manatakis for a five-week waste audit tour across Australia.


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