Perth’s latest material recovery facility opens

The Perth Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) opens its doors this May, heralding a new age in material resource recovery in the Southern Hemisphere. With state-of-the-art optical sorting technology and the capability to handle eight waste streams instead of the usual three or four, the Perth MRF will deliver some of the highest diversion rates in Australia, recovering up to 97% of all material received.



The Perth MRF’s advanced sorting technology removes the need for businesses to separate their recycling in the specific streams, while still maintaining delivers the highest purity rates.


The Perth MRF boasts the most advanced commingled recycling stream in the country, with its eight optical sorters separating materials such as plastics and cardboard. Optical sorters use light rays to detect targeted products, significantly improving plastics sorting and fibre quality control. This allows us to recover more compared to older MRFs, which may only have up to three optical sorters.


Designed for efficiency with less manual intervention, the Perth MRF can process up to 50 tonnes of material in under one hour. This works out to a projected 53,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard, 7,300 tonnes of plastics, and 1,000 tonnes of aluminium and metals annually.


New glass crushing and clean up technology will remove all light contaminants producing recycled glass that can immediately be made available for civil construction, without the need for further processing. Segregated recyclables including plastics, paper and large cardboard will be directly baled and compacted.


Perth Material Recovery Facility


And here’s another secret; the Perth MRF is the only facility in Australia that can extract recyclable materials from inside a plastic bag. Most MRFs cannot split the bags, and attempting to open them can present serious OHS risks to our workers. At the new facility, Cleanaway can recover bagged materials for recycling.


Up to 234,000 tonnes of recyclable material, enough to fill almost 470 Olympic-size swimming pools can be handled by the new MRF annually, a rate unmatched in the Australian market. It is a significant investment for Cleanaway and a demonstration of our commitment to creating a sustainable Australia. With Perth’s population set to reach 3 million by 2020, increasing the state’s capacity for resource recovery is thus a top priority, in line with the plan laid out in our Footprint 2025.