Community & Education

Community & Education

Our commitment to future generations began over a generation ago.


Cast your mind back a few decades ago and think about how we, as a society, dealt with our waste. Depending on how old you are, you’ll probably remember having one kind of bin that took everything. General waste, bottles, cans, garden waste all went in and we didn’t think twice. Compare where we were then to where we are today, we’ve all come along in leaps and bounds.


Today, at home, at work and in the wider community, we have recycling bins, green waste bins, paper recycling boxes at our desks and even the opportunity to make an informed decision on where we put our waste at the local park or even at the footy.


Any kind of behavior change requires education. We’re proud to have played and continue to play a big part in teaching better recycling habits throughout the community.


We work in partnership with business to develop and implement programs to help improve sustainable practices. We also have a great in-house team of educators who develop award-winning, specialist programs for municipalities across the country.


The work we have done in the past has given us a great launching pad to help make a sustainable future possible. The next generation is growing up with recycling and resource awareness as ‘the norm’, and we’re working hard to ensure the next level of awareness and education makes as much if not more of a difference as the last.


Working with communities


Our work supporting our local communities goes beyond education and awareness and has touched over 220 communities across the country. We’re constantly engaging with our communities to find more successful ways to improve sustainability. Through national fundraising and investing in our communities, we’re helping make a sustainable future possible.


Supporting our local communities

Grassroots activity is really important for us as a way to educate the members of our communities. We’re actively involved in supporting around 220 communities in Australia. For us, support means having a real presence that makes a real difference.


With so many worthwhile causes and activities in our local communities, we focus our support in areas where we can make the greatest difference as a business.


  • Protecting our natural environment
  • Fostering positive attitudes and behaviour towards waste management and recycling through community-based education programs
  • Contributing to healthier, more active communities
  • Championing road safety


This manifests in a number of different ways. From supporting local sporting groups like the Corrimal Rugby League Club, to donating our resources to Clean Up Australia Day and other community events, and raising funds for local, regional and national charities.