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Sustainable habits for students of all ages.

Our schools program

The earlier we learn about the importance of recycling and sustainability, the more of an impact it will have on our future actions. Our award-winning programs engage students of all ages and help bring the sustainability story to life. By showing kids the difference they can make as an individual and as a group, they actively learn how to help make a sustainable future possible.


It’s also important to know what you can recycle in your area, by contacting your local council. Across Australia Cleanaway operates a schools incursion program where our staff come to you to teach your students about waste management. We also operate tours at a number of our facilities.


For more information about recycling and Cleanaway’s Schools Program, please contact us


Preschool and primary school

Young kids are naturally curious. They love learning about how stuff works and get a real buzz out of being helpful. Our pre-school and primary school programs actively encourage these inquisitive kids to participate in their household and school waste and recycling efforts. We also teach kids how to make the right choices in not only dealing with waste, but in preventing it in the first place.


Some of the fundamental lessons we teach to help them ‘Recover, Recycle and Reuse’ are:

  • What belongs in each of bins I have at home?
  • Ask “Do I really need it?” or “What are my options to make less waste?”
  • Choose products with less packaging
  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Aim for a ‘waste free’ lunch every day
  • Composting kitchen scraps, and much more.


Secondary school program

To engage older students, we give them a deeper understanding of the finite nature of our planet’s resources and the huge role that sustainability plays in our future. We teach them how materials are made, demystify the process of resource recovery and recycling, explore issues around recycling bin contamination and draw a line through their efforts today and sustainable tomorrow.


Equipping enquiring minds with the knowledge and understanding of good waste management practices, helps them to help us make a sustainable future possible.


Business Education

It’s amazing how quickly a CFO’s ears prick up when you tell them they could save money by instituting better sustainability practices in the workplace.


We help businesses all over the country discover their inner Greenius™ with our specially developed program that encourages, educates and rewards staff, teams and workplaces for ‘green genius’ behavior. The gamification of waste management education makes a huge difference to engagement levels and behavior changes for staff of all ages.


We also produce a great range of educational collateral and signage to help inform and educate staff while they’re at work.


For more information about our Green Greenius™ program or our educational collateral, contact us.


Educational resources

Use our educational resources to find out more about waste management and recycling.


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