Dardanup Landfill

We have the opportunity to be part of a massive job-creating industry in the South West.

The burgeoning lithium industry will play a significant role in the growth of the State’s economy. It will make Western Australia a hub for innovation and support greater up-take of renewable energy generation by helping reduce the price of one of the key components of large storage batteries.

Dardanup has the opportunity to play a part in supporting the activation of this job-creating industry in the South West by providing bespoke waste services to lithium processing projects commencing now.

Cleanaway employs local people from the Bunbury and South West region. The majority of our subcontractors are from the region. We invest in the community and support local shops and community events.

The development of our site will mean more local jobs and more support for local businesses through the generation of local economic activity.

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Community Engagement

We’ll be hosting community engagement events for the Dardanup and surrounding communities in the near future.

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More information on the Dardanup Landfill, including minutes from our Community Reference Group meetings and contact information, can be found in the above sections. 

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Environmental information

Cleanaway has been operating the landfill facility on Banksia Road at Dardanup since 2006 when it took the operation over from another company. The site has been a landfill since 1999.

The facility is operated safely and efficiently. The operation is audited on a regular basis by the WA Department of Water Environment Regulation (DWER) and independent specialists.

Cleanaway has strong track record in protecting the surrounding environment from contamination and complying with license regulations. The company is proud of the service it provides the Dardanup and other communities allowing safe and convenient disposal of waste. The facility provides reliable employment for local people and support for local business and families.

Cleanaway are currently in the process of seeking various approvals to accept tailings from a lithium extraction plant. This project will support the creation of more jobs is the South West, a region with an unemployment rate which is higher than the State’s average.

The burgeoning lithium industry will play a significant role in the growth of the State’s economy. It will make Western Australia a hub for innovation and support greater up take of renewable energy generation by helping reduce the price of one of the key components of large storage batteries.

Dust Management

Dust minimisation is an important part of all Cleanaway’s operational planning. All activities are conducted in a manner in order to prevent dust being created and, if that is not possible, that it is minimised.

The primary dust prevention tool is an on-site water spray truck which is used every day during the dryer months of the year. In addition, a second spray truck is available at short notice should weather conditions indicate the likelihood of dust being created on site. 

We are also trialling using various materials such as woodchip (from plant material bought onto site) as a ground cover as well as revegetating areas of the site that have been previously cleared.  

Lastly, all operational procedures are designed to prevent or minimise dust being created, including the active waste cells being covered at the end of each day.

Cleanaway already has multiple dust monitors on site at various points around the perimeter. These have been principally focussed on ensuring that there is no harm to our own employees and all results confirm there is no risk in the areas being currently monitored.   

In addition, Cleanaway has committed to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to undertake a baseline dust monitoring assessment of total suspended particles and metals using real-time monitoring instruments at additional points around the facility as part of a more detailed Dust Management Plan.  

A draft of this Plan is appended to EPA’s Public Advice available on its website.  

In addition to the information pertaining to the lithium tailings in Cell12A, this baseline assessment will also be used by Cleanaway to enhance the existing management of dust in the remaining parts of the facility.

Groundwater management

Cleanaway undertakes numerous measures to ensure that we do not impact the local groundwater. To do this Cleanaway:

  • Design landfill cells to ensure they have an adequate buffer distance between the base of the landfill and the top of the groundwater.  At the Dardanup site, there is at least a 30 metre buffer between the outer lining of the cell and the Leederville Aquifer (water table). In addition, the ground is made up of very dense clay which is effectively impermeable. These are the primary reasons why this site was originally deemed as suitable for a landfill facility;
  • Install a multiple-barrier lining system that ensures any leachate (water that comes into contact with the waste) is contained within the cell;
  • Install a leachate collection system that removes the leachate from the cell and stores in a pond for natural evaporation; and
  • Regularly commissions third party specialists to undertake groundwater monitoring to ensure compliance and check that the lining system is performing as designed.

Cleanaway’s cells are purpose designed and constructed to prevent contamination of the groundwater. The composite liner design includes a Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) and the other barrier is a geomembrane which is composed of High-Density Polyethene. This specially designed barrier is composed of materials rich in anti-oxidants that maintain the robust integrity of the liner long term. An indicative image of a typical waste cell design is below:

As part of Cleanaway’s regular monitoring processes, in 2018 a PFAS value above drinking water guidelines was detected in one of the bores on site. This was reported to DWER as part of Cleanaway’s reporting requirements. It was subsequently tested and cleared.

Cleanaway understands the importance of the groundwater to the local community and complies with all groundwater management requirements. 

Contact Information

Working with the local community.

Direct access and information for Dardanup and surrounds.

Phone: 08 9719 9804

Email: dardanup@cleanaway.com.au

Address: Lot 2, Banksia Road, Dardanup WA 6236