Southern Transfer Station, Kewdale, WA

Status: Planning Approval


Cleanaway is currently in consultation with the City of Belmont and the wider community including key stakeholders in regards to a proposed 24-hour waste transfer station in the industrial section of Kewdale, Western Australia. Kewdale is home to a large freight terminal and has exceptional access to main arterial roads.


The proposed transfer station will be completely enclosed to minimise noise pollution and odour generation. All waste will be received inside the shed and re-loaded into enclosed purpose built trailers. A number of other measures have been taken in the planning stage to ensure the impact on the local environment is kept to an absolute minimum, like; concrete flooring to ensure no seepage, infrared heat detection system to prevent fire, rapid closing doors, internal mist sprays to suppress dust, and much more.


Before the project can get underway, approval is required from the City of Belmont. The Department of Environment Regulation has already issued draft approval to construct the facility. There will be opportunities for stakeholders and community members to provide feedback to us and or the regulatory authorities during the approval process.


If you’d like some more information on the proposed waste transfer at 6 Noble Street in Kewdale, or wish to discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding operational matters, please contact Michael Bennett at Cleanaway on 1300 723 685, or via email michael.bennett@cleanaway.com.au


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