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Cleanaway Crestmead liquid waste services

Cleanaway Crestmead offers the sale and rental of a wide range of liquid waste management products. This includes automatic and solvent part washers, spill kit products, and water source protection services such as containment booms, drain covers and drain wardens.

Automatic Parts Washer or Turbo Washers

Perfect for any business that requires the cleaning of oils and grease. The turbo washer is a manual labour saving device that decreases the risk of injury to employees who are using dangerous chemicals to clean engines by hand. The Turbo Washer can also increase productivity as employees are free to complete other tasks while machines are being cleaned.

Applications of the Turbo Washer are not limited to the automotive industry and includes successful applications in the printing, engineering, railway and paint production industries.

Basket sizes range from diameter of 580 mm to 2,000 mm and can hold up to 2.5 tonnes.

Hot Tanks

We supply Hot Tanks which are utilised by the emersion cleaning of engines to remove carbon from cylinder valves and paint from the outside of parts. The Hot Tank has the ability to clean the inside of engines while turbo washers only remove particles from the outside. It can also remove paint from the outside of engines to enable better examination of cracks in engine blocks. Our Hot Tanks range from 200 litres to 10,000 litres.

Spill kit products

We provide a range of spill kit products from vehicle kits for trucks to 240 Lite wheelies for workshop use (General purpose, Oil only and Hazchem).

Our spill containment products include Peat Moss, Vulcan granule and Paper Spill Sorb. Other spill containment products are two and four drum bunded pallets and bunds for intermediate bulk containers.

Automotive waste collection and recycling

Our site collects automotive waste which covers - oil filters, oily rags, coolants, paints and thinners. Presently, the site receives as much as 40,000 litres of used oil a day from automotive and truck servicing facilities. We also offer collection and recycling services for used oil. We also operate a program to encourage customers to return any used oil to us free of charge and we will collect and recycle the oil.

Unused paint collection

The site is also a Paintback drop off point. Paintback is a program set up by the Government to encourage the public to return unused paint for recycling.

Give us a call or walk in anytime during our working hours to find out more about our products and services.