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Cleanaway Lonsdale organic waste services

Cleanaway Lonsdale, through our subsidiary Adelaide Organic Recyclers (AOR), conducts controlled composting operations in a licensed facility at Liston Road, Lonsdale, and have successfully delivered high grade mulches and composted organic soils to the marketplace for 20 years.

Our green waste dump takes all sorts of bulk organic waste including yard waste and tree removal waste and turns your garden waste into premium garden mulches and soils products.

Materials delivered to AOR’s operation are sourced from waste reduction activities at Cleanaway’s Lonsdale Waste and Welland Waste Recycling Depot, council parks and gardens, contractor collection services, and the general public.

All bulk organic waste is inspected to minimise contamination of the end product before being processed by our tub grinder. Material is then composted through our rigid quality procedures to ensure a safe, quality product ready for sale as our ‘garden mulches and soils’ products.

Product sales include:

  • 10mm recycled screening - Certified
  • 20mm recycled rubble (Wet)
  • 20mm recycled rubble (Wet) - Certified
  • 20mm recycled screening
  • 20mm recycled screening - Certified
  • 14-40mm recycled screening - Certified
  • 21-50mm recycled screenings
  • Paving sand
  • Turf sand
  • Crushed sand - Certified
  • Organic soil
  • 1st cut mulch (forest mulch)

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