Cleanaway Lonsdale – Solid Waste Services

  • Transfer Station

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00–16:30

Tuesday 08:00–16:30

Wednesday 08:00–16:30

Thursday 08:00–16:30

Friday 08:00–16:30


Weekends, General holidays (subject to change).

Resource recovery at every opportunity

Cleanaway Lonsdale Waste and Recycling Depot (formerly SA Waste) offers complete resource recovery, recycling, and waste management services to residents, industry and councils. Services include general waste collection, builder’s demolition waste, recycling and disposal.

Our Lonsdale dump optimises resource recovery by collecting kerbside materials to be separated for recycling, minimising waste from going to landfill.

  • Lengths of timber and steel are separated and sorted for recycling.
  • Unwanted metals are separated and sorted for sale to scrap metal merchants.
  • Old furniture and household goods are separated and recycled where possible.
  • Garden organic wastes are separated and prepared for mulching and composting.
  • Concrete and other building rubble are separated and prepared for crushing and recycling.

*Please contact us for more information about our Lonsdale dump fees.

We can arrange a free consultation to help you with your waste management. Speak to us for a quote, or to find out more about our products and services.