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Mulches add beneficial organic matter to soil surfaces and are made of either organic or inorganic material. There are many benefits in using mulch - from giving a garden nice aesthetics, to improving overall soil fertility.


Thanks to our composting operation at Liston Rd. Lonsdale, we are able to return all vegetation waste and soils collected from our transfer stations to the market place as quality products for your garden.


Purchase of the products and general enquiries can be made through our Donegal Rd. Lonsdale site. We can handle both small and bulk orders as well as arrange for deliveries, if required.



  • Conserves soil moisture
  • Moderates soil temperature by insulating the soil surface
  • Reduces soil compaction caused by equipment and people
  • Reduces soil erosion from wind or water
  • Slowly increases soil fertility through decomposition (organic mulches only)
  • Reduces fruit rot by eliminating contact between fruit and soil
  • Reduces winter injury by minimizing temperature variation, reducing water loss in plants and decreasing heaving of plant crowns and roots
  • Aids weed control


Mulch Products

Cleanaway offers three different organic mulch types that are commonly used in South Australia.




Strong and sturdy - our Forest Mulch is suited for all types of terrains and excels on sloped areas. A cost-effective solution for large areas suited for both domestic and commercial applications.




Extensively used in manicured gardens. It’s an organically premium mulch blend that delivers a pleasing appearance.




Composted soils are designed to improve your existing soil condition, slowly releasing its nutrients to encourage stronger root growth.