Recycled aggregate products from SA Waste-Cleanaway

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Reprocessed construction demolition waste is a cheaper and environmentally-friendly alternative to quarry-based masonry. As part of our commitment to resource recovery, Cleanaway’s recycled concrete aggregate service returns masonry, rubble, and rock back into the market as a commercially viable product.


Our recycled concrete aggregate products include:


  • Sands
    Crushed, Packing, Paving, and Turf sand
    Suited for pad, foundation, and paving bases

  • Rubble
    20mm Recycled Rubble
    Suited for foundation, road bases, etc.

  • Screenings
    10mm Recycled Screenings, 20mm Recycled Screenings, and 14-40mm Recycled Screenings
    Suited for pad, driveways, drainage, backfilling and retaining walls.


Recycled Road Base & Recycled Bitumen Driveway

Apart from recycled concrete brick aggregates, we also offer recycled asphalt for pavement, road, and general motorway building.