Mandurah Tip: Transfer Station Schedule of Fees 2017/18

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Cleanaway operates Mandurah's transfer station. As alliance partner of the City of Mandurah, Cleanaway provides residential and business waste management services throughout Mandurah. Transfer station 2017/18 schedule of fees for residential and commercial operators are listed below.

Charges effective from 1 September 2017. Prices are subject to change without notice. Local sizes and volumes will be determined by Gate Attendant on entry.

Residential – Schedule of Fees for 2017/18

Types of WasteTotal Charge
Car Sedan (Boot) - Clean Green Waste (no contamination)$11.00
Car Sedan (Boot) - Mixed Waste $23.00
Trailer/Utility – Clean Green Waste (no contamination)
Up to 1m3
1.0 – 2 m3
Voucher or $17.75
Trailer/Utility – Mixed Waste
Up to 1m3
1.0 – 2 m3
Voucher or $48.00
Trailer/Utility – Inert Waste (bricks, concrete, sand only)$25.50
Trailer/Utility – Scrap metal only (no contamination)No Charge
Passenger Tyres (each)$7.50
Passenger Tyres (each) with rim attached$14.00
Truck Tyres (each)$18.00
Truck Tyres (each) with rim attached$21.00
Asbestos – per sheet or part thereof$19.00
Asbestos per tonne (max 2 tonne)$200.00
Car Bodies – per car$15.00
Household Hazardous Waste (Domestic quantities only)No Charge
Cardboard/General Recyclables (Residential premises only)No Charge
CFLs/Fluorescent Tubes (Domestic quantities only)No Charge
E-waste (Domestic quantities only)No Charge
Waste Oil (Domestic quantities only)No Charge
Mattresses (each)$27.00
Public Weigh Bridge Use (No Certification)$23.00
Public Weigh Bridge Use (With Certification)$31.50


Commercial Operators – Schedule of Fees for 2017/18



Types of WasteTotal Charge per tonne
(incl GST)
General Waste (Waste to Landfill)$148.00
General Waste Metro Area (Landfill Levy applies) $148 plus applicable Landfill Levy
Green Waste (no contamination)
Utilities & Trailers
up to 1 m3
1.0 – 2.0 m3
> 2.0 m3

Large Logs/Tree Trunks$102.00
Inert Waste$70.00
Steel Only (no contamination)No Charge
Asbestos (max. 2 tonnes)$200.00
Cardboard/General Recyclables (per m3)$12.00
Fluorescent Tubes (per kg)$5.50
E-waste (per kg)$0.85
Mattresses (per item)$27.00
Minimum Charge on Weighbridge$50.00
Public Weigh Bridge Use (No Certification)$23.00
Public Weigh Bridge Use (With Certification)$31.50



Costs When Weighbridge Not in Use
Types of Waste
$ per Vehicle Wheel
(incl GST)
General Waste$56.00
Green Waste$28.00
Inert Waste$20.50


Payment options

We accept the following payment options: Cash, Credit, EFTPOS or Account. Our preferred payment option is EFTPOS.