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Toxfree Morwell industrial waste solutions

Toxfree Morwell offers industrial waste services for businesses and factory sites across Victoria.

Our industrial waste services include:

  • Industrial Services High Pressure Cleaning Our range of high pressure cleaning services can be adapted and tailored to suit any industrial environment. With state of the art equipment, extensive industry knowledge and specialised technologies, we provide a variety of industrial cleaning solutions to our customers.

Cold/Concrete Cutting

  • Concrete cutting applications offer an alternative to jack hammering to achieve concrete demolition. Using ultra high water blasting, this technique penetrates and removes existing unsound concrete while leaving the sound concrete untouched. Concrete cutting applications are perfect for highway maintenance, widening and concrete demolition.

Vacuum Loading

  • Toxfree’s specialty vacuum loading equipment offers quick and effective removal of all wet and dry waste products. Our vacuum loading services are particularly effective for confined spaces and pits. All vacuum loaders are EPA licensed and our operators have completed extensive training on procedures, safety requirements and environmental responsibility. Debris tanks range in size from 2,000 litres to 24,000 litres, with vacuum capacity ranging up to 6,000 cfm at 27” of mercury. Our vacuum services are capable of collecting many wet and dry substances, including concrete slurries and cement, wood chips, wet and dry clays, brick residue, liquids, glues and adhesives, oils and carbon based materials and sewage.

Typical areas where vacuum loading is suitable include:

  • Tank and vessel cleaning
  • Pit and culvert cleaning
  • Clean-up of environmental spills
  • General housekeeping

Pipeline Maintenance and CCTV

  • We are the leading service provider of drain and pipeline maintenance for municipal and government authorities. Assessing and improving storm water quality and effectively collecting and retaining debris and pollutants, is dependent on the regular maintenance of specified drains. We use various techniques such as CCTV scanning and our e-maintenance program to develop a systematic review of all drain functions.

Non-Destructive Digging

  • Used to locate underground assets, high pressure water and air units are used to expose electrical cables, underground pipes and conduits that may be considered potential threats to customer’s projects. The reduced risk with hydro vacuum excavation provides an alternative method to jack hammering and drilling, without damaging surrounding materials, and with reduced noise pollution and disturbance to neighbouring surroundings. The increased safety levels give operators and customers added piece of mind, as well as increased productivity and efficiency as time spent rectifying damages are eliminated.

We also provide asbestos removal services. Please contact our direct line to set an appointment, or to find out more about our products and services.