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Toxfree Sunshine West industrial waste services

Toxfree Sunshine West services a wide range of industries and customers including oil and gas, petrochemicals, infrastructure and national broadband network (NBN) providers across Victoria. We are fully equipped and strategically located to manage a broad range of industrial, commercial, construction and hazardous waste, as well as specialised industrial cleaning and maintenance solutions.

High pressure cleaning

Our range of high-pressure cleaning services can be tailored to suit any industrial environment. With our state-of-the-art equipment, extensive industry knowledge and specialised technologies, we provide a variety of industrial cleaning solutions to our customers.

Cold/Concrete cutting

Concrete cutting applications offer an alternative to jack hammering for concrete demolition works. Using Ultra High-Pressure Water blasting, this technique can penetrate and remove existing unsound concrete while leaving sound concrete unmarked.

Vacuum loading

Specialty vacuum loading equipment offers quick and effective removal of all wet and dry waste products. Our vacuum loading services are particularly effective for confined spaces and pits. All vacuum loaders are EPA licensed and our operators have completed extensive training on procedures, safety requirements and environmental responsibility.

Non-destructive digging

Our non-destructive digging assists customers locate underground assets safely and reliably with reduced risk of damage to essential services.

Tank cleaning

Our tank cleaning services incorporates high pressure cleaning of internal and external surfaces of tanks, vessels and ships bilges. Gas Free Certification and air quality monitoring is conducted in accordance with AS 2275 1-2 1979.

Liquid waste management

We treat and manage a broad range of hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquid wastes produced by the industrial and the commercial sectors. We manage every facet of liquid waste management including waste assessment and analysis, waste collection, transport permits and documentation, waste treatment and waste reporting.

We are also equipped with a fleet of liquid waste collection tankers to transport wastes categorised as dangerous goods and controlled/prescribed wastes.

Hazardous waste management

We treat and manage a broad range of chemical and hazardous wastes. Our experienced waste management technicians can provide waste inventories, undertake identification, labelling and repackaging of waste materials and organise transport using one of our controlled waste licensed vehicles.

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