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Construction and Demolition

Just as building practices have become more sustainable, the way we process construction and demolition waste has too. We constantly innovate to help keep our customers ahead of the curve and allow you to choose a specific bin solution and benefit from cost savings. We do everything with one eye on your bottom line and the other firmly focused on the future, and we would love to partner with you and your projects.


General waste and recycling

To ensure your work environment is clutter free work, we collect and process all of your recycling, general and packaging waste including polystyrene, cardboard boxes and stretch film. A full range of bins and receptacles are available to meet your needs.


Contaminated soil

There’s no need to take risks with contaminated soil. We have the expertise, plant and equipment to provide a safe, compliant, environmentally responsible solutions for the remediation and disposal of material from contaminated sites, of any size and scale


Secure product destruction

Securely destroying contaminated, out-of-date, obsolete, recalled, illegal or sensitive materials or products is another one of our specialties. Whether its food and beverages, paint, clothing, toys or tobacco, to name a few, we’ll ensure it’s disassembled, broken down, crushed and shredded beyond recognition. We ensure complete anonymity and guarantee that everything is either reused, recycled or disposed of in a safe, secure, environmentally friendly way.


Site remediation

When it’s time to return the land back to its original condition, we’re your new best friend. We recycle construction and demolition waste materials from onsite material. We excavate, transport, treat and safely dispose of contaminated or hazardous soil. We’ll also remove, treat, recycle and dispose of liquid waste like ground water, effluent and oily water, and safely remove and dispose of hazardous materials. Other technical and specialised services include bioremediation, land-farming, establishing bio-piles, chemical fixation and cement stabilisation of heavy metals and PAH contaminated soil.


Land suitability, audits, plans and assessments

Between our team of environmental and soil scientists, and the NATA-accredited laboratories we use, we have the expertise to help you use land for its best application. Whether you require detailed site reports, landform analysis, potential impact assessments, soil suitability or an agronomic projection of a potential land purchase, we can help. We can also analyse and audit your current management practices, to increase sustainability across the board.


Hydro excavation

Our specialist pressure water jetting and hydro excavation services provides an alternative to mechanical excavation. Hydro-evacuation reduces damage to underground assets such as utilities, can be faster than mechanical methods and reduces safety and environmental risks.


Spill kits and absorbents

Like a good fire extinguisher, spill kits and absorbents are great to have around in case of an emergency. We have portable spill kits in a range of sizes that can easily be stored in a workshop or vehicle.

Vehicle spill kit: ideal for the car or truck, this compact, portable kit can absorb up to 40 litres of oil, chemicals or general spillage.

Small mobile spill kit: This kit will absorb up to 100 litres of oil, chemicals or general spillage. Compact and portable, it’s the perfect size for the workshop.

Large mobile spill kit: Small enough to be portable yet big enough to absorb up to 175 litres of oil, chemicals or general spillage, this is ideal for areas where larger spills may occur.

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