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Local Government Waste Management

Right across Australia, we have been providing local council and government organisations with an extensive range of waste management and recycling solutions for decades. In fact close to 80 local government organisations around the country work with us every day to deliver quality services to their local communities.


General waste and recycling

To ensure your work environment is clutter free, we collect and process all of your recycling, general and packaging waste including polystyrene, cardboard boxes and stretch film. A full range of bins and receptacles are available to meet your needs.

Secure document destruction

Securely destroying sensitive materials or documents is another one of our specialties. We’ll ensure it’s disassembled, broken down, crushed and shredded beyond recognition. We ensure complete anonymity and ensure that everything is either reused, recycled or disposed of in a safe, secure, environmentally friendly way.

Bathroom hygiene services

When nature calls, we answer with industry-leading products and superior levels of sustainable service.

Choose a complete bathroom solution, or create your own: sanitary bin systems, soap dispensers, air freshening units, toilet seat treatments, bathroom treatments and state-of-the-art hand dryers.

We know how important is it to have a clean bathroom for staff, clients and customers. We’ll ensure everything is serviced regularly, to the highest standard.

Sewer, drain cleaning and CCTV services

Technology plays a huge part in our mission for sustainability. When needed, we deploy sophisticated closed circuit television (CCTV) units into sewer pipes and drains to help identify blockages and deterioration. This helps our clients plan cleaning and maintenance schedules and reduces unplanned downtime. Our impressive range of services includes: sewer and drain cleaning, pipe and tube cleaning, root cutting, trunk cleaning, culvert surveying, jetting of tanks and culverts, well surveys, tank and vessel surveying. 

Onsite facilities management

Let us take care of all your non-core business activities, including: managed shutdowns, waste and recycling, grounds maintenance, security services, fire services, roadway maintenance, industrial cleaning, drain maintenance, tradespeople, dust suppression, fencing, and any other service as required.


24-hour emergency spills response

For our 24-hour emergency spills response, call us on 1800 SPILLS (1800 774 557).


For hazardous and non hazardous spills, from a minor fuel leak to a large scale environmental emergency, on land or in a waterway, we will manage the whole response process for you; from containment to clean up, collection, processing and disposal. We have the in-house skills and experience plus access to Australia’s largest range of emergency response vehicles, plant and equipment. . The fastest possible response to spills means that negative impact to the environment, community and reputation is minimised. Services provided comply with relevant environmental protection obligations, from clean-up through to waste transport and ultimate disposal.


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