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From individual shops to a shopping centre portfolio, we will provide a cost-effective solution to all your waste management needs.  A central point of contact and an unwavering commitment to manage all your waste and recycling needs, providing a hassle free, safe, on time and cost effective solution.
With flexible pick up and delivery times that run like clockwork, to cost reducing innovations that actively encourage better recycling practices. Our approach fosters best-practice recycling outcomes through quality education, expert advice and a committed and long-term relationship.


Organic waste and solids for beneficial reuse

Bio-solids such as treated sewage sludge, food waste and treated grease trap waste can be a valuable resource. It contains nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter that can greatly improve soil fertility. We collect, transport and treat all kinds of organic waste. We also sample each load to ensure it gets put to its most beneficial use according to local regulations and guidelines, be it composting, land rehabilitation, landscaping or forestry.


Secure product destruction

Securely destroying contaminated, out-of-date, obsolete, recalled, illegal or sensitive materials or products is another one of our specialties. Whether its food and beverages, paint, clothing, toys or tobacco, to name a few, we’ll ensure it’s disassembled, broken down, crushed and shredded beyond recognition. We ensure complete anonymity and ensure that everything is either reused, recycled or disposed of in a safe, secure, environmentally friendly way.


General waste and recycling

To ensure your work environment is clutter free work, we collect and process all of your recycling, general and packaging waste including polystyrene, cardboard boxes and stretch film. A full range of bins and receptacles are available to meet your needs.


Bathroom hygiene services

When nature calls, we answer with industry-leading products and superior levels of sustainable service.

Choose a complete bathroom solution, or create your own: sanitary bin systems, soap dispensers, air freshening units, toilet seat treatments, bathroom treatments and state-of-the-art hand dryers.

We know how important is it to have a clean bathroom for staff, clients and customers. We’ll ensure everything is serviced regularly, to the highest standard.


Onsite facilities management

Let us take care of all your non-core business activities, including: managed shutdowns, waste and recycling, grounds maintenance, security services, fire services, roadway maintenance, industrial cleaning, drain maintenance, tradespeople, dust suppression, fencing, and any other service as required.


Grease trap

We have a full fleet of vacuum trucks primed and ready to deliver a suite of grease trap cleaning and maintenance and trade waste removal services. As market leaders we are fully integrated with major water authorities and offer some of the most innovative and forward thinking processes when it comes to managing grease trap and associated waste.

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