What café and kitchen
owners should know

Regular grease trap maintenance prevents overspills and sewer blockages, ensuring the fats, oil and grease from your kitchen do not enter the local wastewater system.

Cleanaway offers grease trap cleaning and maintenance that’s discreet, reliable and effective, while compliant with all local regulations and health and safety standards.

Peace of mind for property

For property and building managers, grease trap maintenance can be complicated and costly due to various factors, including multiple traps, size and nature of the property and access locations.

Cleanaway can customise a comprehensive grease trap maintenance solution, tailored to your premises and business requirements.

Extensive waste management
solutions for every business

Simplify your operations by selecting a total waste management provider like Cleanaway. A single provider means a single bill and a single point of contact for all your needs.

From grease trap cleaning to recycling and waste collection, we’ll take care of your waste so you can focus on the most important thing – your business.

Why choose a Cleanaway grease trap cleaning service

Customised to your business needs

Complete FOG removal

Inspection of inlet and outlet points

Complete waste tracking from source to disposal

Washing and scraping of walls and baffles

Reporting of trap condition and abnormalities

Minimal disruption to your business

Deodorisation and replacement of lids

Regular trap audits

How we manage your waste

We’ll visit your site at your convenience

Our team will inspect, remove and clean your grease traps

Your grease trap waste will be transported to a waste facility for processing

Track your waste electronically for easy reporting