Driver kids favourite

Driver kids favourite

October 5, 2016 — When some of the smallest members of our community reached out to us to say thank you for constantly brightening their day, we could not help but reach out to them.


We recently made a special delivery to Goodstart Early Learning Centre’s nursery children after they personally wrote to us and praised one of our Dubbo drivers- their appreciated ‘garbage man’.


“It is a big event for us on a Tuesday and Thursday to be available to look over the fence or through the window at the garbage man,” Goodstart Early Learning Centre wrote to Cleanaway in a letter.


“The garbage man in return beeps his horn and waves to the children and overall makes their morning great, (which) helps children settle of a morning and has become a part of the centre routine.


Goodstart7 (2)

Caption: Goodstart Early Learning Centre’s nursery children with David Rainbow, one of our Dubbo drivers.


“Small acts of kindness go a long way and we just wanted to say a big thank you for being nice.”


Grassroots activity is really important for us as a way to foster community relationships as well as educate the members of our communities.


For us, community support means having a real presence that makes a real difference and we are constantly engaging with our communities to find more successful ways to improve sustainability.


Whether that be national sponsorship, investing in our communities, fundraising, through educators who develop award-winning, specialist programs for municipalities across the country, or via special one-off visit requests from kindergartens, we’re helping make a sustainable future possible.


We have touched over 220 worthwhile causes and activities in our local communities. We focus our support in areas where we can make the greatest difference as a waste management business.


After receiving the card, we sent their driver, David Rainbow, to the centre armed with wheelie bins as presents for the children, along with a note for the children, telling them how much David appreciated hearing from them and that he’d be giving them a special wave each week when he visited the centre.


Early learning centre

Caption: the card sent to Cleanaway from the kindergarten.


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