Fraudulent Email Alert

Fraudulent Email Alert

February 28, 2019 — This afternoon we became aware of a fraudulent email that appears to be from Cleanaway but is actually from an external third party. An overdue account notice that mirrors Cleanaway’s template has been received by a number of customers and non-customers. If you have received an unexpected email from Cleanaway advising of an overdue account, delete the email and do not click on the links.


The fraudulent email can be identified the following ways:

  1. The email has the subject line with a fabricated account number.
    eg. Your Cleanaway Account [seven digit number] is now overdue.
  1. It is not from a Cleanaway email address.
  1. The email includes three green buttons. When you hover over (do not click) the “View your overdue notice” link it will display a random address similar to the below:

If you have received an unexpected email from Cleanaway and are not sure if it is fraudulent please contact 13 13 39 or your account manager. The word Cleanaway will be contained within the domain name of emails from Cleanaway ie.


If you did click on the “Pay now” button and made a payment in error, please call 1800 215 374 for guidance.


We are continuing to investigate the issue with our service providers to understand the origin.


May 17, 2018 —We have been made aware of a fraudulent email in circulation claiming to be from Cleanaway. The email informs recipients that we have a new bank account. 


Please note that we  have not changed our bank account details.


Cleanaway does not send emails requesting our customers to confirm, update or disclose confidential information.


Please take this as a reminder to ensure you always pay your Cleanaway invoice only in accordance with the ‘Payment Options’ section at the bottom of the invoice. If our payment details change in the future, the changes will be set out in the ‘Payment Options’ section. Cleanaway will never contact you separately by phone, email or letter to request that you change the way you pay your Cleanaway invoice. Any communication along these lines is a scam.


If you have any uncertainty or wish to update any of your own details on your Cleanaway account, please call our Customer Service Team on 13 13 39, who will be happy to assist.


If you suspect a communication from Cleanaway to be fraudulent, please immediately:

  • Call us on 13 13 39 and speak to our customer service team who will be able to confirm if the communication is fraudulent or not



November 2, 2016 — It has come to our attention that some of our customers have received fraudulent letters and emails claiming to be from Cleanaway advising them of new bank account details.


Please note that we have not changed our bank account details. These emails have come from a fraudulent email domain.


An example of an email attachment can be seen below.




If you receive an email you believe may be a hoax please forward it as an attachment to


If you ever need to verify Cleanaway payment details you can do so by:

  1. Reviewing the Payment Options on a Cleanaway invoice which outlines our Bank Account details, BPay Information, credit card payment facilities and cheque payment information.
  2. Contact Cleanaway on 13 13 39, the same number as printed on our invoices.


Further information:
Melissa McColl, Communications and Engagement Manager
M: 0466 323 844 E: