Our Services

With more and more people seeking a quality washroom experience, we have brought together a high quality range of washroom products from around the world, combined with a superior level of service to provide you with a new standard in washroom waste management and care.


Our bathroom solution provides a contemporary hygiene service designed to improve and enhance the washroom experience for your staff and customers, including sanitary bin systems, soap dispensing services, air freshening services, toilet seat treatments, washroom treatments and hand dryers.


We service our products in line with strict codes of practice, to ensure you receive well maintained and managed washroom services each and every time we visit.


As our collection services are monitored with GPS tracking we can guarantee you full accountability of service.


Detailed reporting and auditing services are also available.


Sanitary systems

The SaniPod sanitary system provides reliability, user friendly performance, and striking award-winning design that complements any bathroom décor.


The compact, contemporary and slim-line wall mounted design allows greater use of washroom floor space and ease of cleaning under and around the unit.


The SandiPod range comprises two units – one touch free automatic unit and a manually operated unit.


The absence of a modesty flap eliminates unsightly surfaces and potential trapping of sanitary waste and enables greater compaction of waste under its own weight within the slim cylindrical form.


Soap dispensing

Cleanaway provides an elite, auto ‘no contact’ soap dispensing solution.


No contact soap dispensing brings better hygiene to any environment and helps monitor use by controlling the amount of soap delivered with each application.


No electrical fitting is required, as each dispenser is economically operated by AA batteries.


Premium manual foam

Cleanaway’s foam soap provides a great way to make your hands feel silky feel whilst also receiving an environmental saving, with less soap going down the sink.


Air freshening

A clean washroom should smell clean. Our air fresheners provide you with a discrete and effective system to ensure you make a good impression.


Unlike traditional air fresheners that merely mask odours, our air fresheners use Microtrans to eliminate odours using a blend of chemistry and physics.


Microtrans locks on to malodorous molecules and converts them to a neutral base. We then add one of our pleasant scents, creating a pleasing impression for your washroom patrons.


Toilet seat treatments

Our toilet seat sanitising spray is essential for any environment, from healthcare, leisure centres, and catering units, to industrial workplaces.


Simply spray the scented treatment on toilet tissue and wipe over the seat to achieve a clean, fresh and bacteria free finish.


Other bathroom treatments


Urinal and toilet sanitisers

Our Sanicell sanitiser is uniquely designed to dramatically improve the overall hygiene of your washroom. Using award-winning fuel cell technology the Sanicell delivers a concentrated metered dose which prevents the build up of uric scale and eliminates odour causing bacteria.


Urinal and toilet deep treatments

In conjunction with the Sanicell our technician will carry out a complete de-scale and thorough deep clean of your urinal and toilet on a regular service schedule. Our aim is to get into the areas not serviced by ‘regular’ day-to-day cleaning.


Urinal drain sanitisers

With prolonged use, biofilm forms on the waste trap, drain and pipe work, creating an ideal environment for harmful bacteria to form which leads to blockages. Our special trap protection cover contains bio-enzymes (natural bacteria) that prevent this build up. Waste is then simply washed out of the system on the next flush.


Hand dryers

With two-way air flow and a real-time air compression system, our elegant hand dryers provide a convenient quick drying time of just 5 to 10 seconds.


They also provide a pleasant hand massage using natural aromas and hygienic touch-free operation at the same time.


Dryers are also environmentally friendly, and paper free.


As there is no refilling of papers or removing used papers, no ongoing management is requi


Urinal and Toilet Hygiene Treatments

We provide sanitising and treatment services for urinals and toilets, dramatically improving the overall hygiene of your washroom


  • Prevents the build-up of uric scale
  • Eliminates odour causing bacteria
  • Fuel cell technology delivers a concentrated metered dose


Deep Treatments
  • Completely de-scales your urinals and toilets
  • Provides a thorough deep clean when combined with your regular service schedule
  • Gets into areas not serviced by ‘regular’ day-to-day cleaning