Air freshener dispenser & sanitiser

Air freshener dispensers are an essential component of any well-maintained facility. The right air fresheners stop odour, sanitise the air and make guests feel comfortable in the space. Cleanaway has a variety of automatic air fresheners to fit the needs of your business, from programmable dispensers to refills that keep your bathrooms smelling fresh and clean.


Air freshener dispenser specifications

Cleanaway air fresheners can be set to provide more fragrance for busy times and only during business hours, offering flexible programming to suit your needs. Other features include:

  • Real-time programming
    This option allows users to set a start time and hours and days of operation, conserving refill life for the hours your business is open. Some of our automatic air freshener dispensers also come with an intensity event timer, which dispenses more fragrance during expected peak hours.
  • Easy programming
    Our air freshener dispensers also come with an easy one-touch programme button for those who do not need full programmatic access. This feature can be set to 30, 45 or 60 days depending on your needs.
  • Large LCD screen & customisable faceplate
    Cleanaway automatic air freshener dispensers come with a large LCD screen so it’s easy to read see the status of your refills. We also offer a customisable faceplate for customer private labelling on selected models.
  • Scented refills
    Our range of scented refills will keep your environment smelling fresh and clean all day. From a sweet, exotic blend of tropical fruits to a delicate burst of citrus, we have the fragrance for your business.


Sanitise and refresh

A clean washroom should smell clean. Cleanaway air freshener dispensers provide a discreet and effective system to ensure you make a good impression. Unlike traditional air fresheners that merely mask odours, each air freshener refill has up to 3,000 metered doses of fragranced malodour neutralisers, eliminating bad odours and leaving a pleasant, long-lasting scent.


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