Hand soap dispenser

Hand soap dispensers are an essential component of great bathroom hygiene practices. Cleanaway has manual and automatic hand soap dispensers to keep hands clean and lower the risk of cross-contamination. We also have a wide range of high quality liquid and foam soaps to suit the needs of your business and meet industry standards.


Hand soap dispenser specifications and models

Different industries and business require specific solutions, and your bathroom is no different. Whether it’s an automatic, manual, liquid or foam hand soap dispenser, we have the solution for your business. Merely having a hand wash dispenser is enough to encourage users to adopt better hand hygiene, which improves overall health.


  • Automatic hand soap dispenser


The most hygienic method of handwashing, our automatic hand wash dispensers, which are also hands free soap dispensers, help minimise cross-contamination and maximise infection control. Soap reservoirs hold up to 1 litre of liquid or foam soap at a time.


  • Manual soap dispenser


Simple and reliable, our manual hand soap dispensers are perfect for every washroom or commercial application. It is especially useful for washrooms which see many users daily. Popular in: high schools, gym showers and public washroom facilities.


  • Choice of liquid or foam soap


Our liquid and foam hand soap wash are designed to provide maximum protection while being safe for everyday use. These soaps are specially formulated to remove up to 99.99% of common germs while caring for your hands.


Hand hygiene and hand washing procedures

Washing your hands after using the bathroom is the easiest way to prevent cross-contamination and stop the spread of diseases. Cleanaway’s hand soap dispensers make it easy for your bathroom users to wash their hands and stop the spread of disease.


We can also provide hand washing procedure and technique posters to encourage your users to practice correct hand hygiene.


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