Sanitary bins and disposal services

Cleanaway offers discreet, modern and easy-to-service sanitary bins and disposal services. Ergonomically accessible, our bins feature a discreet locking mechanism to minimise tampering and potential spills.


The bins are also wall-mounted, saving you precious space in the toilet, while making day-to-day cleaning easy and effortless. These bins are also easy to service, making maintenance safe and effortless. Our regular sanitary disposal service also keeps your bins hygienic and reduces odour.


Sanitary bins specifications

The perfect blend of form and function, the sanitary bins provided by Cleanaway feature several unique features. The most notable feature is the lack of a “modesty flap” that can cause sanitary products to get stuck and increase the risk of cross-contamination. This also prevents unsightly messes caused by an overfilled sanitary disposal unit and is safer for servicing personnel and cleaners to change the liners as needed.


Other features include:


  • Automatic sanitary bins
    Cleanaway’s automated female sanitary bins are silent, smart and reliable. Motion-sensor operated, our bins make sanitary disposal hygienic and discreet, protecting privacy and giving you and your bathroom users peace of mind.


  • Manual sanitary bins
    Stylishly simple, our manual sanitary bins feature a minimal touch system to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. It features a discreet design that makes it easy to access from any angle, and removes the need to touch the opening slot during sanitary waste disposal.


  • Bacteria-free and scented liners
    Our sanitary bins feature an anti-microbial and odour control liner that is unobtrusive yet easy to service. It offers complete protection for the user and the servicing personnel.


  • Customisable wraps
    Unlike most other sanitary disposal bins, Cleanaway sanitary units offer a number of wraps to complement your toilet décor. These simple wraps provide a warm touch to your bathroom environment.


Feminine sanitary waste collection & disposal services

Convenient, reliable and subtle – Cleanaway’s onsite discreet sanitary waste collection and disposal service gives you and your bathroom users peace of mind where you need it most. Our team are sensitive to the needs of your business, using minimalist vehicles and equipment to service your facilities when you need it and without fuss.


Sanitary bins law compliance

Cleanaway offers a variety of sanitary bins and disposal service to fulfil all Australian laws. The sanitary bins provided offer a safe and appropriate system for sanitary disposal as per OHS requirements. We are also certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and AS 4801 (OHS) standards, helping to reduce your risk profile