Fees & Charges

At Cleanaway, we believe the best business relationships are built on choice, transparency and flexibility. Our updated service agreements for small business customers are designed for simplicity so you can get on with running your business.

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* All prices quoted are exclusive of GST.


Break Fee
Equipment Collection Fee$150 plus GST per piece of equipment
Account Closing Fee$60 plus GST


Environmental Fee
SolidsFor each invoice with value less than $75, a flat fee of $5. For each invoice with value $75 or greater, 4.45% (or 5.45% in SA or NT) within a minimum fee of $10 and a maximum fee of $150.
Liquids4.45% of the invoice total with a minimum charge of $10.
Read more about our environmental fee here.


Missed Service
If we are unable to provide a service and the cause was not within our control (eg your bin was not placed out for collection), then we may require you to pay our ordinary fees in relation to that service.


Late Payment
When an invoice is paid after the due day a late payment fee of $30 may be applied.


Paper Invoicing
Customers have the choice of receiving an invoice either electronically or by mail. Where a customer selects to have invoices mailed a charge of $3 will be applied to each invoice.


On Call Flexibility
$14.50 each time that a collection is made at your request. This fee does not apply to services that are provided at regular intervals agreed in advance.


Waste Plus
ACTUp to $4.70 per 25kg overN/A
NSWUp to $10.30 per 25kg overUp to $9.40 per 25kg over
NTUp to $2.70 per 25kg overUp to $4.10 per 25kg over
QLDUp to $3.40 per 25kg overUp to $4.60 per 25kg over
SAUp to $4.90 per 25kg overUp to $5.00 per 25kg over
VICUp to $5.10 per 25kg overUp to $7.30 per 25kg over
WAUp to $5.10 per 25kg overUp to $5.10 per 25kg over


Payment fee
A fee of 0.8% of the amount paid by credit card or debit card.