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Our general waste bins fill an important, yet ever decreasing need.  As more and more of the materials we use on a daily basis are recyclable, the everyday bin has become the last resort for refuse, not an automatic destination.  We strongly encourage all of our customers to recycle, however we also realise it is not always possible to recycle all of the waste your business generates.


That is where our experience and expertise can help.


We will take you through our comprehensive bin and waste stream health check to develop a complete waste management solution that solves all of your general waste and recycling needs.


Choose your Bin System

  • 2 wheel plastic bin (240 litres)
  • 4 wheel plastic bin (660L and 1100L)
  • Steel bin (1.5m, 3m, 4.5, and 6m)
  • Skips and bulk bins
  • Large compactors and cardboard balers
  • Lockable bins to stop others using your bin


Cleanaway provides a range of wheelie bins to suit you general waste and recycling requirements.

Wheelie bin features

  • General waste and recycling systems available
  • Bins are easily manoeuvred to different waste generation points or inside/outside of premises
  • An alternative for businesses unable to store larger front lift containers on site
  • Wide range of bin sizes
  • Rear lift truck mechanism ideal for commercial sites with height or access restrictions
  • Side lift wheelie bins are mainly used for municipal council pick ups in housing precincts and specialised commercial use where access is restricted
  • Foot brakes are standard on 660 litre and 1100 litre bins
  • Trucks can also pick up baled cardboard for recycling
  • Steel options are available for tough outdoor environments – ideal for areas where hot ashes, liquids or corrosive materials are present
  • Customised bin solutions are also available to suit specific requirements.


Wheelie bin applications

  • Lightweight, lower volume commercial and industrial wastes
  • Small to mid size commercial, industrial and municipal uses
  • Businesses with high frequency collection requirements
  • Ideal for businesses with space or access restrictions, scattered waste generation points, or those with perishable wastes.


Wheelie bin sizes

CapacityLength (m)Depth(m)Height (m)
120 litre0.480.550.925
140 litre*0.530.600.91
240 litre0.580.741.08
660 litre**1.340.641.22
1,100 1.361.281.465

*Side lift bin system only
**Rear lift bin system only


Site requirements

Our wheelie bins are collected using our either rear lift or side lift trucks. Consider the following average dimensions to ensure our rear lift or side lift wheelie bin systems suit your site.


Rear lift wheelie bins

Vehicle clearance required: 2.5m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 8m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 3.4 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 17.7 metres


Side lift wheelie bins

Vehicle clearance required: 3.8m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 9.5m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 4.2 metres
Bin lifter reach: 3.2 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 21.4 metres


*Please note sizes are approximate measurements. Trucks may vary by location.
Bin availability varies by location.


Steel bins

Cleanaway’s front end lift steel bins provide a fast, manoeuverable option for medium to high volume commercial and industrial applications.

Steel bin features

  • General waste and recycling systems available
  • Bins are stored on site
  • Range of bin sizes
  • Designed to be a manoeuvrable option
  • Flexible collection frequencies to suit your operations
  • Sturdy light weight plastic lids for ease in lifting
  • Lid props fitted as standard to 3m³ and 4.5m³ steel bins
  • Manufactured standard in mild steel
  • Fully welded and gusset reinforced lifting pockets
  • Various castor styles including, cast iron, urethane and rubber
  • Each bin type is available in a braking version
  • Stainless steel, galvanised steel and plastic bin alternatives also available
  • Cleanaway’s commercial bin systems are routed and scheduled in capital cities using sophisticated routing and weighing software


Steel bin applications

  • Medium to high volume waste producers
  • Commercial and light industrial waste
  • Ideal for businesses requiring flexibility in bin sizes and systems
  • Suitable for all volumes of mixed solid waste and/or paper and cardboard recycling
  • Vehicle capacity from 25m³  to 31m³ to suit application


Steel bin sizes

General waste bins: 1.5 m³ to 4.5m³
Recycle bins: 1.5 m³ to 6 m³
3m³ organic waste containers (Sydney only)


CapacityLength (m)Depth (m)Height (m)


Site requirements

Consider the following average dimensions to ensure the front lift steel bin system suits your site:
Vehicle clearance required: 3.8m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 10.0m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 5.5 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 22.1 metres

*Please note measurements are approximate as truck sizes vary.


Bin availability varies by location.

Bulk bins and compactors

Our bulk bins and compactors provide an efficient solution for managing large volumes of waste and recycling.


Having a bulk bin or compactor onsite can help you reduce waste transportation costs and increase waste management efficiencies. Bulk bin collections can be scheduled to suit operational requirements and are also available on request for large one-off volumes of waste and recycling.  We work closely with customers to analyse operational waste streams. Using a comprehensive waste assessment, we can work with you to tailor a total waste management solution for your business.

Bulk Bins

Our roll on/ roll off (RORO) fleet utilises a hooklift bin system that is ideal for generators of large volumes of solid waste that is not suitable for compaction.

Bulk bin features

  • General waste and recycling bulk bins systems are available
  • Bin are stored onsite
  • Capacity for large amounts of waste and recycling
  • Range of sizes available using small to large trucks
  • Allows safe, easy depositing of waste through walk in doors and large open tops
  • Tippler feeder bin options are available to reduce manual handling
  • Reduces traffic movement onsite
  • Automatic tarping system fitted to vehicles and where required to individual bins.


Bulk bin applications

  • For large volumes of commercial and industrial wastes
  • Ideal for bulky waste, large non-compactable waste and recyclable materials
  • Suitable for both recyclable and non-recyclable waste
  • Suits businesses with enough space to store the bin onsite
  • Utilised by construction and manufacturing industries, shopping centres and hospitals
  • Specialist containers are available, including liquid waste containers, sealed quarantine bins and containers for regulated waste


Bulk bin container sizes

Containers range from 6m³ to 40m³ in a roll on/roll off system.

CapacityLength (m)Depth (m)Height (m)

*Dimensions are approximate, bin sizes may vary.

8 tonne to 40 tonne lift mechanism.


Site requirements

Consider the following dimensions to ensure the Bulk Bin system suits your site:


Vehicle clearance required: 3.8m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 10.0m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 7.1 metres
Vehicle length in operation: 16.5 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 22.1 metres


*Please note measurements are approximate as truck sizes vary.



Our compactor service is suited to generators of large volumes of light to medium density waste, both recyclable and non-recyclable.

Compactor features

  • General waste and recycling systems available
  • Stored onsite  and can eliminate the need for multiple bins
  • Fully enclosed bin
  • Compaction ratio up to 4:1 (approximate, varies according to waste type)
  • Compaction can reduce the cost of frequent servicing
  • Reduces traffic movement onsite
  • Portable or fixed compactors available
  • Push Blade, Auger and Pendulum type compactors available
  • Safety mechanisms integrated into untis
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to monitor compactor operations and indicate when the bin is full
  • Compactors are custom designed and installed
  • Tippler feeder options available to reduce manual handling
  • Refrigerated compactors available


Compactor applications

  • Suitable for light to medium density wastes
  • Large volume commercial and industrial applications
  • Ideal for paper and cardboard, food and organics, plastics and various types of packaging
  • Utilised by manufacturing and warehousing facilities, shopping centres and hospitals


Compactor sizes

CapacityLength (m)Depth (m)Height (m)

*Dimensions are approximate, sizes may vary.

Site requirements

Compaction systems require enough space for the truck to safely approach and lift the compactor. Consider the following requirements to ensure the compactor option is suitable:


Vehicle access: 3.8m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 10m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 7.1 metres
Vehicle length in operation: 16.5 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 22.1 metres


*Please note measurements are approximate as truck sizes vary.

Specialised equipment

We provide a range of bulk bins and waste equipment to suit specific applications:

Tippler bins

A safe and efficient solution for collecting and disposing of hazardous or industrial waste. Tippler bins are manufactured in heavy gauge steel and are fully reinforced, allowing the forklift operator to simply catch the bin lip on the edge of the bulk bin or compactor and drives backwards to tip waste into the container. Tippler bins provide a safe option to help reduce manual handling of waste.

Craneable bins

Mostly used in the construction industry, crane lift bins provide an easy way of removing waste from building worksites requiring the waste to be craned away. Our highly engineered crane lift bins are tested and certified to exceed Workcover requirements.

Offshore bins

We provide bulk waste bins and ISO containers that are tested and certified for use on offshore rigs and facilities.

Roll Packer

Ideal for large quantities of bulky waste or recyclable materials requiring compaction in open top containers. The Bergmann Roll-Packer system uses the movement of a heavy, specially equipped compaction roller to crush and compact materials such as timber pallets. This reduces the quantity of waste to a fraction of the original volume. The Roller Packer provides operating efficiencies by reducing waste transport costs and allowing optimal usage of bins and processing areas.

Recycling balers

Mainly used for cardboard, Cleanaway’s baling plants provide efficient waste management solutions to compact and bale materials for easy and safe handling.
Bin availability varies by location.

Skip bins

Skip bins (also known as Marrell bins) use a lift on/lift off system to provide a versatile single lift bin system.

Skip bin features

  • Range of skip sizes are available
  • Prompt delivery and removal
  • You can determine the duration of time the skip bin remains on site
  • Recycling of demolition waste is available
  • Saves time and cost compared to landfill disposal
  • Improves site safety by using a dedicated disposal bin point
  • Improves site aesthetics for duration of work


Skip bin applications

  • Convenient for one-off waste requirements
  • Ideal for large, heavy, non-compactable waste fractions from building and demolition sites such as bricks, sand and timber (6mto 12m3skip bins)
  • Ideal way of managing waste generated from household renovations, garden or office clean ups (2m3to 5m3 skip bins)


Skip bin sizes

Skips are available to hire from 2m3 to 12m3

CapacityLength (m)Depth (m)Height (m)

*Dimensions are approximate, skip bin sizes may vary.

We provide many skip bin services across Australia. Our skip bin hire services and brands vary from region to region