Bulk Bins

Bulk bins and compactors

Our bulk bins and compactors provide an efficient solution for managing large volumes of waste and recycling.


Having a bulk bin or compactor onsite can help you reduce waste transportation costs and increase waste management efficiencies. Bulk bin collections can be scheduled to suit operational requirements and are also available on request for large one-off volumes of waste and recycling.  We work closely with customers to analyse operational waste streams. Using a comprehensive waste assessment, we can work with you to tailor a total waste management solution for your business.

Bulk Bins

Our roll on/ roll off (RORO) fleet utilises a hooklift bin system that is ideal for generators of large volumes of solid waste that is not suitable for compaction.

Bulk bin features

  • General waste and recycling bulk bins systems are available
  • Bin are stored onsite
  • Capacity for large amounts of waste and recycling
  • Range of sizes available using small to large trucks
  • Allows safe, easy depositing of waste through walk in doors and large open tops
  • Tippler feeder bin options are available to reduce manual handling
  • Reduces traffic movement onsite
  • Automatic tarping system fitted to vehicles and where required to individual bins.


Bulk bin applications

  • For large volumes of commercial and industrial wastes
  • Ideal for bulky waste, large non-compactable waste and recyclable materials
  • Suitable for both recyclable and non-recyclable waste
  • Suits businesses with enough space to store the bin onsite
  • Utilised by construction and manufacturing industries, shopping centres and hospitals
  • Specialist containers are available, including liquid waste containers, sealed quarantine bins and containers for regulated waste


Bulk bin container sizes

Containers range from 6m³ to 40m³ in a roll on/roll off system.

CapacityLength (m)Depth (m)Height (m)

*Dimensions are approximate, bin sizes may vary.

8 tonne to 40 tonne lift mechanism.


Site requirements

Consider the following dimensions to ensure the Bulk Bin system suits your site:


Vehicle clearance required: 3.8m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 10.0m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 7.1 metres
Vehicle length in operation: 16.5 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 22.1 metres


*Please note measurements are approximate as truck sizes vary.