Our compactor service is suited to generators of large volumes of light to medium density waste, both recyclable and non-recyclable.

Compactor features

  • General waste and recycling systems available
  • Stored onsite  and can eliminate the need for multiple bins
  • Fully enclosed bin
  • Compaction ratio up to 4:1 (approximate, varies according to waste type)
  • Compaction can reduce the cost of frequent servicing
  • Reduces traffic movement onsite
  • Portable or fixed compactors available
  • Push Blade, Auger and Pendulum type compactors available
  • Safety mechanisms integrated into untis
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to monitor compactor operations and indicate when the bin is full
  • Compactors are custom designed and installed
  • Tippler feeder options available to reduce manual handling
  • Refrigerated compactors available


Compactor applications

  • Suitable for light to medium density wastes
  • Large volume commercial and industrial applications
  • Ideal for paper and cardboard, food and organics, plastics and various types of packaging
  • Utilised by manufacturing and warehousing facilities, shopping centres and hospitals


Compactor sizes

CapacityLength (m)Depth (m)Height (m)

*Dimensions are approximate, sizes may vary.

Site requirements

Compaction systems require enough space for the truck to safely approach and lift the compactor. Consider the following requirements to ensure the compactor option is suitable:


Vehicle access: 3.8m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 10m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 7.1 metres
Vehicle length in operation: 16.5 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 22.1 metres


*Please note measurements are approximate as truck sizes vary.