Specialised equipment

Specialised equipment

We provide a range of bulk bins and waste equipment to suit specific applications:

Tippler bins

A safe and efficient solution for collecting and disposing of hazardous or industrial waste. Tippler bins are manufactured in heavy gauge steel and are fully reinforced, allowing the forklift operator to simply catch the bin lip on the edge of the bulk bin or compactor and drives backwards to tip waste into the container. Tippler bins provide a safe option to help reduce manual handling of waste.

Craneable bins

Mostly used in the construction industry, crane lift bins provide an easy way of removing waste from building worksites requiring the waste to be craned away. Our highly engineered crane lift bins are tested and certified to exceed Workcover requirements.

Offshore bins

We provide bulk waste bins and ISO containers that are tested and certified for use on offshore rigs and facilities.

Roll Packer

Ideal for large quantities of bulky waste or recyclable materials requiring compaction in open top containers. The Bergmann Roll-Packer system uses the movement of a heavy, specially equipped compaction roller to crush and compact materials such as timber pallets. This reduces the quantity of waste to a fraction of the original volume. The Roller Packer provides operating efficiencies by reducing waste transport costs and allowing optimal usage of bins and processing areas.

Recycling balers

Mainly used for cardboard, Cleanaway’s baling plants provide efficient waste management solutions to compact and bale materials for easy and safe handling.
Bin availability varies by location.