Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bin features

  • General waste and recycling systems available
  • Bins are easily manoeuvred to different waste generation points or inside/outside of premises
  • An alternative for businesses unable to store larger front lift containers on site
  • Wide range of bin sizes
  • Rear lift truck mechanism ideal for commercial sites with height or access restrictions
  • Side lift wheelie bins are mainly used for municipal council pick ups in housing precincts and specialised commercial use where access is restricted
  • Foot brakes are standard on 660 litre and 1100 litre bins
  • Trucks can also pick up baled cardboard for recycling
  • Steel options are available for tough outdoor environments – ideal for areas where hot ashes, liquids or corrosive materials are present
  • Customised bin solutions are also available to suit specific requirements.


Wheelie bin applications

  • Lightweight, lower volume commercial and industrial wastes
  • Small to mid size commercial, industrial and municipal uses
  • Businesses with high frequency collection requirements
  • Ideal for businesses with space or access restrictions, scattered waste generation points, or those with perishable wastes.


Wheelie bin sizes

CapacityLength (m)Depth(m)Height (m)
120 litre0.480.550.925
140 litre*0.530.600.91
240 litre0.580.741.08
660 litre**1.340.641.22
1,100 1.361.281.465

*Side lift bin system only
**Rear lift bin system only


Site requirements

Our wheelie bins are collected using our either rear lift or side lift trucks. Consider the following average dimensions to ensure our rear lift or side lift wheelie bin systems suit your site.


Rear lift wheelie bins

Vehicle clearance required: 2.5m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 8m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 3.4 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 17.7 metres


Side lift wheelie bins

Vehicle clearance required: 3.8m (h) x 2.5m (w) x 9.5m (l)
Vehicle height in operation: 4.2 metres
Bin lifter reach: 3.2 metres
Vehicle turning circle: 21.4 metres


*Please note sizes are approximate measurements. Trucks may vary by location.
Bin availability varies by location.