Hydro Excavation

Cleanaway offers quick and effective hydro excavation services to fit your business needs and urgency. Our hydrovac utilises either a combo unit or a standard vacuum truck with a trailer-mounted high pressure water unit depending on the job size.


Hydro excavation is a safe, cost-effective and non-destructive digging method used for locating underground services where the area is unknown. Due to its non-mechanical ground entry, it requires no digging permit and can be deployed relatively quickly.


A form of vacuum excavation, hydro excavation is most commonly used for the identification of underground assets such as cables and other site services. This non-destructive excavation method reduces the risk of damaging underground assets and can be done 30 – 50 metres away from the road size or access areas.


Cleanaway’s hydro excavation units utilise a mix of high pressure water and a jet excavation method to collect the soil. The water is used to loosen the soil on the target surface while a vacuum sucks up all the soil and other debris. This allows us to dig and create a deep hole without leaving lasting damage on the environment.


Hydrovac excavation services

Cleanaway’s hydro excavation services are commonly used in a wide variety of industries in both remote areas and metro locations. Our services are regularly employed by the construction, rail network and telecommunication industries for:


  • Network remediation work
  • New pit and pole installations
  • Identification of underground services, such as water pipes and sewers, telecommunication cables and power cables


Unlike traditional digging methods such as hand digging, hydro vacuum excavations are much faster and more effective, taking minutes compared to hours for traditional methods. Hydrovac excavation services are also much more accurate and safe as the digging speed, depth and area can be controlled much more easily, reducing the risk of damaging power lines and other assets.


Post hole digging

Cleanaway’s hydro vacuum excavation services can also be used to create holes for utility pole insertions. Poles created may be friction piles or end-bearing piles, depending on the need.


Trench excavation/sump and drainage sinkage

Cleanaway also utilises hydro excavation for trench excavation and sump and drainage sinkage. The ground area where pipe work, cables or drainage sumps and systems are removed by utilising water and vacuum instead of manual and automated digging machines.


Vacuum excavation costs factors

There are a variety of factors that influence hydro excavation service prices. These factors are:


  • Work area access
  • Ground conditions
  • Location of underground services


In most cases, no waste removal is required as the initial soil removed can turned into a backfill or reused in the area. The waste cost will only be factored in if removal is required.


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