Our Services

Quarantine waste solutions

Cleanaway provides quarantine waste management services including soil and liquid waste collection, treatment and disposal.


Our quarantine waste solutions include:

  • International vessel waste
  • Scrap timber
  • Airport and seaport amnesty bin waste
  • Quarantine inspection waste
  • Wash water waste from the cleaning of heavy vehicles


Cleanaway’s quarantine waste solutions are approved by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) and all the quarantine waste we process is transported to secure landfill.


Quarantine waste can only be handled by an AQIS provider.


Workshop waste management program

Our comprehensive waste management service provides an environmentally compliant solution suitable for any type or size of workshop.


We can assess the requirements of your workshop and tailor a solution to manage a range of different types of waste, including:


  • Oil filters
  • Oily rags
  • Coolant
  • Waste oil (drums or bulk)
  • Waste waste (interceptor pump outs)
  • Parts cleaning solvent waste
  • Brake fluid
  • Empty drums
  • Absorbent waste
  • Glycol


Our collection services are scheduled to suit your requirements and our colour coded waste stations provide a sturdy, easy-to-use environmental solution for processing waste rags, oil filters and coolants.


For your peace of mind, all our collection, recycling, treatment and disposal services are fully licensed and compliant.


As part of our commitment to the environment, Cleanaway endeavours to reuse and recycle as many elements as possible from the waste products we collect. For example, residual oil is extracted from collected oil filters and the metal from the filters is compressed into steel brickettes for recycling and reuse. Waste coolant and oily rags collected are treated for recycling and reuse.


Turbowash parts washers

Our quality range of Turbowash automatic parts washing machines cater to the parts cleaning needs of automotive and mechanical workshops.


‘Turbowash’ parts washers

  • Fully automatic parts washing units to improve productivity and reduce manual handling risks
  • Provide fast, high quality parts cleaning from oil, grease, swarf and grime
  • Parts are removed from cleaning ‘flash dry’
  • Automatic parts washers reduce labour costs compared to manual cleaning methods
  • Water based parts washing ensures a high quality environmental standard
  • Full service, maintenance, industrial cleaning and waste product removal available.


Product features

  • Heavy gauge industrial steel construction
  • Low profile cabinet for ease of loading
  • Gear driven heavy gauge turntable
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Waterproof electrical control box
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Electronic thermostat temperature control
  • Optional 10 micron in-line filter system
  • Variable wash cycle timer
  • Seven day timer for heater elements.


A parts washing solution to suit your needs…

Small to medium sized equipment:

  • TW2 and TW3 Turbowashers
  • Suit small to medium sized workshops
  • Strong, robust machines, fully mobile for greater flexibility within the workshop
  • Ideal for automotive servicing, car dealerships and light industrial applications


Large and heavy duty equipment:

  • TW4, TW5, TW6, TW7 and TW8 Turbowashers
  • Strong, gear driven machines are an ideal heavy-duty parts washing solution
  • TW5, TW6, TW7 and TW8 models have a front operning vault door for easy access when loading equipment with overhead cranes or forklifts
  • Optional pneumatic lid lift
  • Ideal for truck, bus, mining and heavy industrial applications.




ModelCleaning AreaLoad CapacityPower
TW2800mm x 470mm250kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 20A, 20amp
TW31100mm x 630mm750kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 20A, 20amp
TW41400mm x 660mm1000kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 32A, 32amp
TW51400mm x 900mm2000kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 32A, 32amp
TW61600mm x 1200mm2000kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 32A, 32amp
TW72000mm x 1300mm4000kgThree phase, 415 volt, Hard wired 60A, 50amp
TW83000mm x 1600mm4000kgThree phase, 415 volt, Hard wired, 60amp


Hot tanks

Cleanaway’s new generation hot tank chemical cleaning systems have a centrifugal filter and optional rinse bay to help you save time, money and the environment.


Chemical cleaning in an agitated tank provides a proven and effective method for removing heavy build up of grease, oil and carbon from internal and external surfaces.


Cleanaway’s hot tanks are the perfect solution for cleaning hard to reach areas such as oil galleries and exhaust ports.


Hot tank cleaning solution

  • Fast and simple, one-step cleaning method with no need to pre-clean parts
  • Reduces cleaning cycles to between 60 and 120 minutes
  • Automatic operation frees staff to concentrate on other tasks
  • Extends chemical life and reduces chemical top up by up to 75 per cent
  • Waste from centrifugal filter can be disposed of in an industrial waste bin
  • Heavy duty, fully insulated construction
  • Absence of a sludge settlement area reduces tank volume by 30%, which also reduces the initial chemical fill by 30%
  • Average centrifugal filter cleaning time of 15 minutes per week
  • Optional rinse bay attaches to the tank to reduce spillage and save caustic


Using the hot tank system

  • After dismantling your engine/gearbox the parts are ready to be added to the cleaning tank. Pre-cleaning is not necessary.
  • Place your dirty parts on the platform, operate the agitate switch and leave the tank to run.
  • At the end of the cycle, move the job to the optional self contained rinse bay and hose off. This rinse water is recycled and if contaminated, is added back to the hot tank to replace water lost through evaporation, using one valve.
  • Most cleaning cycles are around 60 minutes and chemical life can be in excess of 100 months.
  • Your Cleanaway service technician can provide monthly servicing and chemical testing.
  • Our hot tanks have been designed by end-users to ensure optimum performance.


Solvent sinks

Cleanaway’s quality range filtered sinks and non-filtered manual solvent sinks provide parts cleaning solutions to suit a variety of workshops.


High performance solvent sinks

  • Provide a cost effective, high performance parts cleaning solution
  • High grade solvent cleans mechanical parts quickly and effectively from oil, grease, metal shavings and grime
  • Manual solvent sinks are fast, safe and easy to use
  • Parts washer is centrally located on the solvent drum for stability when cleaning heavy parts
  • Ergonomically designed at work bench height for safe lifting and cleaning of heavy parts
  • Easily moveable
  • Backed by a reliable and efficient service and maintenance team


CAT specification filtered sinks

  • Three stage filtration system produces cleaner solvent and increases solvent longevity
  • Increased tank capacity and solvent life can reduce the number of services required
  • 16 gauge cold rolled steel construction is strong, rigid and stable
  • Thermal overload protects the pump from overheating
  • Increased flow rate of 10 litres per minute
  • Fuseable safety link to the lid provides fire safe protection
  • Sealed light unit for improved safety and splash protection
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) holder conveniently located
  • Pneumatically operated, non-electric model available for use in areas where concentration of flammable gases, vapours or dusts occur (Class 1, Zone 1 areas)
  • Unfiltered model also available


With growing environmental regulations covering workshop waste management, Cleanaway ensures the correct handling, transportation and documentation for the supply and removal of solvents in line with EPA requirements.


Spill kits and absorbents

We provide spill kits and absorbents suitable for a range of applications and mobile situations to ensure your are prepared and compliant in case of a workplace spill.


Quick and easy to use, our spill kits come in a range of sizes and are ideal for placement in workshops, vehicles and trucks.


Vehicle spill kits

  • For oil, chemical and general purpose spills
  • Absorbs spills up to 40 litres
  • Ideal for all cars, trucks and industrial vehicles


Small mobile spill kits

  • For oil, chemical and general purpose spills
  • Absorbs spills up to 100 litres
  • Compact and portable
  • Perfect for small workshops


Large mobile spill kits

  • For oil, chemical and general purpose spills
  • Absorbs spills up to 175 litres
  • Easily portable
  • Ideal for larger scale spills


Absorbents, absorbent socks, pads, pillows, booms, bunded pallets, drain covers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and bunding are also available.


Spray equipment cleaners

Cleanaway provides a complete cleaning solution for spray painters with a professional range of spray gun cleaning machines and equipment maintenance service.


A complete spray equipment cleaning solution

  • Cleans spray guns to a professional standard
  • Uses clean and re-circulated thinners in the cleaning process
  • Ensures spray guns are quickly cleaned and ready for reuse
  • Longer lasting thinner results in fewer replacements and lowers waste disposal costs
  • Easy to use, foot operated controls
  • Solvent based cleaners available


Spray gun cleaning machine maintenance service

  • Machine installation and set up
  • Supply of clean thinners
  • Removal of waste paint residue and used thinner in line with EPA requirements
  • Filter system cleaning
  • Machine cleaning, checks and repairs


Servicing and maintenance is also available for all types of water based spray booths and supply of new filters for dry booths.