Food Waste Collection & Organic Recycling

Kitchen waste and other organic waste are two of the most under-recycled waste streams – commonly going into general rubbish when actually they’re a nutrient-rich resource. With Cleanaway’s organics collection service, you can reduce the amount of waste you’re sending to landfill, while contributing to high quality composts, premium soils, soil conditioners and potting mixes that can be used for land rehabilitation and soil improvement.


Recycling your organic and kitchen waste creates a closed loop where this valuable resource becomes part of a new supply chain. Pre-plate food waste, also known as kitchen waste, is perfect for recovery as it doesn’t contain contaminants like serviettes and meat that reduce the quality of the product and require additional processing. Cleanaway’s organics service gives your business the opportunity to really push your sustainability agenda by reducing your waste to landfill by up to 50% – while giving back to the environment with nutrient-rich resources to rejuvenate degraded land.


Food and organic waste management

Cleanaway offers comprehensive food waste management solutions for all business sizes. From waste audits to determine the biggest opportunities to improving your organic waste disposal processes, we are committed to helping our customers improve their sustainability rates without compromising their business goals.


Waste management for food industries

Pre-plate food waste and other organic waste present a thorny issue for the food industries. Unsold, expired or contaminated food must be disposed responsibly, but they also represent a loss for the business. Cleanaway works together with our customers to both reduce the amount of waste generated and turn it into new resources, creating a win-win situation. We can also provide a confidential and secure service that helps to manage your business’s reputation while recovering as much resource as possible.


Cleanaway offers comprehensive food waste management solutions for a variety of industries, such as:

  • Supermarket food waste
    Cleanaway offers total waste solutions for supermarkets, from food recycling and organic waste management to general waste management. We work closely with the supermarket, retailers and building tenants to ensure wastage is kept to a minimum and improve resource recovery rates. We also provide waste management education and can conduct training sessions on best waste management practices and efficiencies. Cleanaway utilises a variety of methods, such as waste audits, workshops and observation to find inefficiencies and identify possible new waste streams to improve sustainability rates and goals.

    Working with customers to reduce waste

  • Hotels, restaurants and cafes
    Pre-plate kitchen waste in restaurants, cafes and hotels represent a unique opportunity for resource recovery. Incorrect or inefficient waste management practices can result in landfilling waste that could be used otherwise. Cleanaway can help divert your food and kitchen waste from the landfill, while reducing waste generated and improving your sustainability rates. Cleanaway works with facility management, tenants, restaurants, cafes and other stakeholders to help our customers achieve their goals.

    Among the customers we’ve assisted are:


  • Events and community activities
    Cleanaway works closely with the councils, communities and event organisers to offer an efficient waste solution while maximising resource recovery rates.

    Local service managing food waste during Ramadan

  • Food processing industries
    Kitchen waste produced by Australia’s food processing industries are of the highest quality, uncontaminated organic waste available. Cleanaway can help turn the organic waste generated by these businesses into energy, compost and liquid fertilisers – contributing to a genuine closed loop economy that delivers value at every stage in the supply chain.


Secure product destruction and other organic waste

Cleanaway offers a secure product destruction service for kitchen and organic waste that is fully compliant and certified with all relevant authorities, giving you the peace of mind that your product will be disposed of effectively and responsibly.


We can also arrange for a witnessed destruction process so you can witness your products being destroyed professionally and its resources recovered without compromising your business. We can also offer certified proof of destruction.


Cleanaway is also certified to ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), and AS 4801 (OHS) standards, helping to reduce your risk profile.


Contact us today to learn how your pre-plate food waste and organic waste can make a sustainable future possible.