Service Agreements


SME service terms you can trust

At Cleanaway, we believe the best business relationships are built on choice, transparency and flexibility. Our updated service agreements for small business customers are designed for simplicity so you can get on with running your business.

  • Flexibility in responding to changes in contract terms and pricing
  • Transparency on obligations and market updates
  • Collaboration on contract terms and pricing

No bill shock

you will always know exactly how much you are being charged and what for

Greater control

increased rights with certain fee increases

Easier resolutions

we’ve made the process clearer and simpler for you in the unlikely event that we disagree on terms

Cleanaway are proud to support the Treasury Legislation Amendment (Small Business and Unfair Contract Terms) Act 2015, protecting the interests of small businesses from unfair terms and conditions. Further information on the Act and small business protections can be found at

Set out below is a summary of major changes to our SME standard form contract

  1. Increased rights with certain fee increases – While we try to minimise the number of adjustments to your fees, the variable nature of waste disposal costs means that sometimes we need to pass through increased costs to you. If you are not happy with certain fee increases, you can now request more information about the increase. If you follow the process to dispute a fee increase and in the unlikely event that we cannot agree on the proposed fee increase, you may terminate your contract on 3 months notice in writing and in the unlikely event we cannot agree on the increase.
  2. No more Liquidated Damages – Cleanaway will no longer charge liquidated damages in the event you want to terminate early
  3. Simplified Termination process – in the event that you seek to terminate a contract early and we accept that termination – we have simplified the process to finish up. This includes providing us with at least 3 months written notice of the termination date, at which time we will come and collect the equipment at your site. While we no longer charge liquidated damages for early termination, we do charge a small fee to cover our costs to close your account and recover our equipment.

Click here to read the full Terms and Conditions for SMEs

Who do I contact for more information about my agreements?

For more information, please contact your Cleanaway account representative.