Turbo parts washers

Cleanaway provides a quality range of Australian made Turbowash machines that cater to the parts cleaning needs of all types of automotive and mechanical workshops.


We offer a quality range of part washers (sinks, turbo washers and hot tanks) and wash water management for workshops of all sizes. Our parts cleaning machines include a full suite of services, including installation, parts cleaner maintenance, industrial wash water removal, and on-site staff training and risk assessment.


Cleanaway parts washer features


Cleanaway part washers machines and solutions are tailored to fit your workshop and business needs. Key features include:

  • Heavy gauge industrial steel construction.
  • Low profile cabinet for ease of loading.
  • Gear driven heavy gauge turntable.
  • Ergonomic control panel.
  • Waterproof electrical control box.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • Electronic thermostat temperature control.
  • Optional 10 micron in-line filter system.
  • Variable wash cycle timer.
  • 7 day timer for heater elements.
  • Fully mobile models for small to mid-sized equipment (models TW 2 and TW3).
  • Pneumatic lid lift option for models TW3 to TW8.
  • Front opening cabinet for loading with overhead cranes or forklifts (models TW5 to TW8)



Why choose a Cleanaway parts washer waste service


Cleanaway’s parts cleaner machines are fully automated, increasing productivity while reducing manual handling risks and labour costs.


Parts are placed in the mechanically driven rotating basket, with the lid secured and the pump activated. The fixed speed rotating basket combines with a series of high pressure jets of hot detergent solution to clean even the toughest grime from exposed surfaces. This releases skilled trade persons from the unpleasant task of manual parts cleaning.


We also include a full parts washer service, maintenance cleaning and waste product removal, ensuring a hassle free, safe and cost-effective solution.


Other benefits include:

  • Improved cleaning and protection as parts are removed clean and “flash dry.”
  • Reduced costs compared to manual cleaning methods.
  • Supply of specially formulated cleaning powder and removal of used wash water.
  • Environmentally-friendly solution that’s also compliant with all relevant state laws.


Cleanaway parts washer service and maintenance inclusions

  • Installation and machine set up.
  • Full parts washer service, maintenance, cleaning and waste product removal by Cleanaway service representatives.
  • On site staff training and risk assessment.
  • Supply of specially formulated cleaning powder and removal of used wash water.
  • Machines are available for sale or rent on a standard service and maintenance plan.

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Turbo wash machine specifications:


ModelCleaning AreaLoad CapacityPower
TW2800mm x 470mm250kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 20A, 20amp
TW31100mm x 630mm750kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 20A, 20amp
TW41400mm x 660mm1000kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 32A, 32amp
TW51400mm x 900mm2000kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 32A, 32amp
TW61600mm x 1200mm2000kgThree phase, 415 volt, 4 pin plug 32A, 32amp
TW72000mm x 1300mm4000kgThree phase, 415 volt, Hard wired 60A, 50amp
TW83000mm x 1600mm4000kgThree phase, 415 volt, Hard wired, 60amp