Waste Oil recycling and re-refining used oil

Waste Oil recycling and re-refining used oil

Total sustainable waste oil management

Recycling and re-refining waste oil is the best way to recover and reuse this precious resource. Cleanaway is the largest oil recycler in Australia and the only organisation with facilities to process waste oils in every mainland state and territory.


By recycling the collected waste oil, we can create new base and fuel oils in a closed loop. This allows us to reduce our nation’s reliance on virgin crude oil, while helping our customers reduce their costs. Cleanaway also has two waste oil refining facilities with a Category 1 Status under Australia’s Product Stewardship for Oil (PSO).


Each year, we collect used oil from over 35,000 workshops and businesses around Australia. Annually, we process over 150 million litres of used oil, which helps to protect the environment and helps offsets oil requirements by approximately 900,000 barrels.


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Oil recycling turns used oil into new base oil

At our plants in Rutherford and Wetherill Park in New South Wales, we turn used and waste oil into a base oil that can be used as a component for ANFO, refined into client-specific fuel oils or for lubricant manufacture. This valuable resource is thus saved from potentially harmful disposal and is instead reused in a safe and environmentally compliant way.


Cleanaway’s comprehensive re-refining process gives you the assurance of knowing that your waste oil will be refined and utilised to the fullest.


  1. Used oil generators
    Cleanaway has the largest used oil collection network in the country, meaning you never have to worry about generating enough feedstock for your energy needs, as compared to having an on-site processing facility.
  2. Consolidated storage
    Our large collections network, mine-compliant collection and delivery fleet, along with our strategically-placed storage collections are compliant with all state and environmental regulations, giving you peace of mind when it comes to storing your waste oil and then re-refined base oil or recycled oil.
  3. Processing facilities
    Our Rutherford and Wetherill Park waste oil processing facilities are certified to the highest standard in Australia (PSO Category 1). Category 1 is the highest level of waste oil processing, providing maximum reward for the highest quality product, while maintaining health, safety and environment standards comparable to those for similar “virgin” products.
  4. Licensed treatment
    All waste and by-products are tracked, reported and treated before reuse and disposal, allowing you to track your waste and report them as needed to local councils and other reporting bodies.
  5. Quality compliance & blending
    Our R&D and Quality Control teams will assist and ensure that our products meet your specifications and quality requirements to suit your needs.
  6. End product
    We guarantee supply, quality and performance with every load delivered.


Your waste oil will be recycled and re-refined to create high quality fuel oil and hydrotreated lubricant base oils. Cleanaway’s hydrogenation facility in New South Wales, which is an Australian-first, produces API Group 1 base oils which exceed the American Petroleum Institute’s industry standard. Both fuel and base oils are sold in Australia and exported overseas.


We aim to recover and recycle the maximum amount of waste oil possible to reduce your impact on the environment. Contrary to popular belief, there is almost no difference between recycled oil and virgin oil. In fact, re-refining waste oil uses about a third of the energy required to refine crude oil to virgin base oil, making it a more cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable solution.


In general, customers can expect savings of up to 35% when using re-refined or recycled oils for their applications, such as ANFO.


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Refinery - Rutherford pipes

Why use recycled oil from Cleanaway

Cleanaway provides a simple, no-risk solution to optimise your used oil as part of your waste oil solution. By processing your used oil off-site, there is no residual waste for you to manage. Importantly, the re-refined oil for use is 100% compliant with all required specifications.


Undesirable contaminants, including water are removed during the process, ensuring consistent quality and energy for consistent performance. By supplying your recycled oil from our waste oil collection network across Australia, any fluctuations in demand can be met. Our competitive and predictable pricing assures that you are not surprised by unexpected surcharges.


Cleanaway also has a national network of strategically placed collection, storage and processing facilities. This gives us an unmatched capability to service every Australian business’ used and re-refined hydrocarbon requirements. While on-site solutions may seem simple and cost effective, there are significant advantages to working with Cleanaway for an off-site solution.


Our specialist fleet of vehicles is second to none, with the capacity to service requirements from a small drum to up to 40,000 litres of liquid waste. Each vehicle operates under strict licensing standards, compliant with state and environmental regulations. All materials are transported in certified trackable vehicles to a licensed, EPA-compliant treatment facility.


Additionally, we are licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What’s more, we have the largest capacity for hazardous and liquid waste management in Australia.


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A better alternative to on-site processing

While on-site processing solutions may seem simple and cost-effective, there are significant advantages to working with Cleanaway for an off-site processing solution.


  • Consistent specification and quality Off-site processing also ensures a consistent specification – thorough quality controls are implemented while ensuring it is made to your specifications and needs.
  • No shortfall or excess stockholding An off-site solution means your base and fuel oil needs will not be limited to the feedstock generated on your site. This ensures your needs can be met regardless of the peaks and troughs in demand.
  • No customer site waste generation An off-site solution ensures ALL on-site waste is removed on time, every time. The risk of overflowing tanks and the creation of a waste product from on-site processing is completely removed. It also reduces the risk such waste poses to your team and operations.
  • Reduced risk from off-site processing You can rest assured that your waste is being handled in a safe, environment-friendly and legally-compliant manner, with trackable systems in place for easy reporting to local authorities on your waste disposal.
  • Fully compliant fleet for collection and delivery The fleet collecting your waste oil and delivering your recycled product are fully compliant with all environmental licensing, national heavy vehicle compliance and site requirements.


Cleanaway is also pleased to offer on-site storage tanks and automated blending facilities, which are fully equipped with remote level monitoring and data recording to enable JIT deliveries and optimal delivery outcomes.


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